Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tracy Journal Step 2

How fitting that at my two week mark I'm now at Step two. After 2 weeks of eating on plan I truly feel "that He [can] deliver [me] from the bondage of addiction." I've already experienced this point too: "His Spirit will help you begin to see your choices more honestly and clearly..." I feel as though my mind is clear and my desires are more in tune with the Spirit. I can honestly see what I'm doing when I want that extra food and instead I'm able to focus on why I want to eat. Am I tired? Bored? Upset? Stressed? Happy? Is it a social thing?

I think my favorite part of Step 2 is found in the Action section at the bottom of page 8:

"The action required in step 2 is simply to become willing to practice believing in the love and mercy of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the accessibility and blessing ofthe HOly Ghost. Our testimonies are that you can come to know the perfectly united love of the Godhead by watching for evidence of Their love and power in your life and in the lives of others."

I am so grateful to know that my belief and faith in Jesus Christ will continue to grow and blossom as I follow this plan. I've already felt the unified love of the Godhead and I know that as I open my heart and mind, I feel it more and more.

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