Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tracy Day 13

I'm doing it! Yesteraday was an amazing day and can't help but feel hopefull and excited for my future. The car situation didn't really change, Eddie not being around didn't really change, my kids are still sick and I'm still really tired and stressed out, we didn't all of a sudden come into money, BUT I feel like my heart has changed. I had an amazing prayer to start my day yesterday and the Lord truly softened my heart and gave Eddie and I direction for our family. I feel so grateful that I have this time to grow as a mother and as a woman and as a friend. I know that I'm being stretched and pulled into change through adversity, but I'm also grateful to know that my Savior is by my side helping me through it. It's tempting to forget that and try and do it on my own.

I was thinking about something last night. You know, Eddie is gone every single night and I usually just sit around and watch tv till I fall asleep on the couch cause it's hard to go to sleep when he's not with me. It's gonna be this way till August when we hope he's done. So...what if I use each night to do something productive instead? He's away working hard, I should be too. Last night, I did my P90X video and it felt great!

So here's the plan for today:

8 oz yogurt
6 oz mixed berries
4 oz oatmeal

asian chicken salad...ymmy!
3 oz chicken, 1/2 oz cheese
9 oz cabbage, 3 oz cucumber
1 oz asian dressing
2 oz dried fruit

4 oz salmon
4 oz rice
6 oz broccoli, 3 oz spinach, 3 oz cucumber
1 oz oil

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