Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sabrina Day 14

I am waiting to weigh too. Its only a few days anyways, and I really don't want to be obsessed with my weight. I am feeling good (other than my head) and my pants are looser and thats the point anyways. I would love to be down to 164 by Feb 1, and 158 by March 1. If I could get down to 155 before Disney that would be aweeeeesome. I think those are attainable goals. . if I can start going to work out. I am going to try go talk David into letting me get Just Dance 2 for the Wii and doing it at night with him instead of watching TV. We both need to get in some cardio before Disney if we want to be strong enough to go all day every day!

I had fun yesterday! And hopefully I don't get the flu- I didn't really hang around Drew too much yesterday, mostly Maggie. So lets cross our fingers. Emma is congested today - I'm hoping I didn't give it to her, but the Dr. said that I wasn't contagious so. . . yeah.

8 oz milk
6 oz strawberries
2 rice cakes

1 oz cheese
4 oz yogurt
6 oz grapes
5.5 oz V8
6.5 oz cucumber and celery

12 oz broccoli
4 oz meat
4 oz rice

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