Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 11

So, today, Saturday, was day 10. This is what I actually ate.
2 hardboiled eggs (minus yolk. That sounded so gross to me.)
1 rice cake

5 oz spinach and mushrooms (sauteed with .5 oz oil)
4 oz chicken
Green Drink (1 banana, 5 oz greens)
I felt really sick after eating all that food. Like, thought I was going to throw up. Like, had to lie down. So I didn't get my last 2 oz of veg. Sorry!

Snack: Diet Dr. Pepper  (I felt so terrible and tired I wasn't sure I could go to work) annnd. . . . a slice of apple and a small piece of sausage at Costco (the samples! they kill me! and they had tons of desserts and I just said NO! I am slowly getting the self control. SLOWLY.)
I really need to start calling/texting you before I do something like this, huh? I promise from this point forward I shall. At least I'm telling you and not lying about it, right?

4 oz rice (with .2 oz butter)
12 oz soup
4 oz chicken

I am feeling much more better today than yesterday. 

Here is the plan for tomorrow:
2 oz scrambelled eggs
4 oz milk

6 oz fresh fruit
4 oz oatmeal (this may change if my mom makes oats again. mmmm.)

4 oz barbeque chicken
Green Drink (1 banana, 6 oz greens that are gonna go bad if I don't eat them tomorrow)
6 oz baby cucumbers and celery

Beef Stew:
Fish out:
4 oz beef
4 oz potato
6 oz veggies
Then add some broth
Then have:
6 oz salad
1 oz balsamic

Today was a good day. I cleaned the house a bit and did some laundry and then we went to Costco!!
This is what I got:
2 massive cartons of strawberries
1 massive carton of blueberries
1 package of baby cucumbers (best eveeeerrrrr. these are seriously like candy to me)
1 package pre-cut and washed celery (yay for being lazy!)
1 huge package of frozen strawberries
1 huge package "antioxident mix" frozen berries
1 huge container of spinach
1 huge package of broccoli
1 bag of pears
1 bag oranges
1 rotisserie chicken
24 cans of V-8 (I think it was 24. I dunno. A lot of them)
2 huge blocks of tillamook (our fav!) cheddar cheese
1 12 pack of sugar-free gum
A bunch of junkfood for David (which now has a home in the hall closet, away from my food!)

We spent a ton, but a lot of it will last more than a week. Party. And yeah, a lot of fruit. I will still have to get more veggies at some point this week at the normal grocery store. Our fridge is BURSTING with healthy food. It makes me so happy to have such a healthy fridge! Yaay! I think it might be David's weekly task to go to Costco for fresh fruits and veggies without me, so that I won't be tempted. Its like when in church they talk about not even going TO the party where they serve booze, right?

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