Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tracy Day 14

Two weeks! That means you can weigh yourself if you want to today. But I think I'm gonna wait till Tuesday when it's the first of the month and the official weigh day. Thanks for wanting to hang out with me yesterday...hopefully it wasn't too boring for ya. And hopefully you aren't gonna regret not getting the flu vaccine cause Drew woke up in the night puking. He seems to be fine this morning but he's a little sluggish and not eating normal yet.

I'm actually feeling a little queezey myself, so we'll see how today goes...but the plan is:

8 oz milk
2 oz dry cereal
1 banana

asian ck salad combo
3 oz ck, 1/2 oz cheese
9 oz cabbage, 3 oz carrots
1 oz dressing
2 oz dry fruit

4 oz sausage
4 oz potato
12 oz cooked veggies (5 oz spagetti squash, 4 oz zuccini, 3 oz spagetti sauce)
1 oz sour cream

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