Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tracy Day 11

So proud of you Sabrina...and yes, it's better you're telling me rather than lieing about it. ;)

So pretty much this weekend has been horrible. I've been stuck in this bloody house all week with a sick baby, then it was because we didn't have a car and now my only day for adult interaction is going down the drain because Nathan is vommitting and I'm the "lucky one" who gets to stay home with him. :( I seriously think I'm slowly going crazy.

Anyways, here is the plan for today:

2 eggs
4 oz ezekiel bread
1 banana

(asian ck salad)
3 oz chicken, 1/2 oz cheese
9 oz cabbage, 3 oz tomato
1 oz asian dressing
1 apple (with cinnamon)

4 oz salmon
4 oz rice
7 oz broccoli, 5 oz salad (tomato, cucumber, carrot)
1 oz balsamic

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