Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tracy Day 25

It's amazing how fast time flies when your world is falling apart. ;) So, it's been pretty dang crazy around here the last few days. (I always say that, but I also always mean it!!!) Andrew head-butted me and split my lip and I swallowed so much blood that i threw up. I was nauseas (sp?) the whole day and couldn't eat lunch or dinner and then the next day I threw out my back and couldn't really do anything but that turned out to be okay because our car was in the shop AGAIN! I couldn't have gone anywhere anyways. The bummer part is that our AC compressor unit is busted AGAIN (this is the fourth one) and it looks like our transmission is starting to go bad. So we decided it really is time to get rid of it and we'll just have to pray that monetary help will come from somewhere so we can get another car.

With all that, here is my food plan for today:

4 oz scrambled eggs
2 corn tortillas
1 banana

2 oz turkey, 1 oz peanut butter
12 oz raw veggies (carrots, tomatoes, celery)
1/2 oz ranch
1 small apple

4 oz chicken
4 oz rice
8 oz sauted bell peppers and onion, 4 oz s alad
1/2 oz ranch

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