Monday, March 7, 2011

Sat, Sun, Monday

Alright, Saturday I didn't eat all day because I was doing the cake and driving. We went to ElChico for dinner and I had taco salad that wasn't even that good. We have decided when we want mexican we are going to chipotle.

Sunday, I also didn't eat all day b/c I was fasting, then for dinner I had potato salad, a cheeseburger with no bun, and a bunch of oil and vinegar coleslaw. And NO cheese sticks or chocolatechip cookies even tho they looked REAL good.

Today, the plan is:
4 oz fruit
8 oz milk
4 oz oatmeal
(I couldn't finish my smoothie b/c it didn't taste right - I dunno. I just couldn't finish it)

4 oz chicken
12-14 oz broccoli/cucumber

Dinner: (I am getting my hair did and there is a whole foods right next to the salon so I'm getting dinner from there from the food bar)
4 oz meat
12 oz salad-type stuff
4 oz rice

I can forgive and forget
We are doing pretty good with our budget
People want to buy my cakes

That I feel artistic when I do cakes

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