Thursday, March 17, 2011


A few facts:
I am tired
I am gassy
I am sick of eating crap
My poop is the worst
I don't feel good

This has just cemented how much I need the food plan. I hiad a salad yesterday and it was so so so good. We are going out for Italian tonight and I might do the same thing...or at least get a massive side of veggies. It's been really fun but David and I both kind of wish we had come alone and that we had stayed on disney property. I will tell you all the details when we get back. I really want to go to the meeting sunday night to get my week started right, so count me in...if we get home in time.

We only stayed in the park a half day today so we could come back yo e hotel and rest so i am going to take a nap.

Keep staying strong!!!! I love you and your crazy life!

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