Friday, March 11, 2011

Tracy Day 18 & 19

Yesterday turned out to be crazy...I kind of had to switch lunch and dinner and then wound up not really eating all my is how it played out:

1 protein drink
1 oz cheese
4 oz rice (luna bar)
1 banana

2 tacos from taco bell
taco salad from taco bell (minus the rice, beans and meat)

1 banana
1 oz peanut butter
1/2 oz cheese

today should be much less here is my plan:

4 oz milk, 4 oz yogurt
4 oz mixed berries
1 oz oatmeal, cooked

2 oz chicken, 1 oz cheese
9 oz cabbage, 3 oz tomato and cucumber
1 oz asian dressing
1/2 apple

4 oz talapia
4 oz rice
6 oz broccoli, 6 oz salad (lettuce, tomato, celery)
1/2 oz ranch

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