Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 1

So, yesterday I ended up having a really grumpyface day and didn't weigh my food for dinner, so today is day 1

Small banana
8 oz milk
1 oz oatmeal

4 oz meat/beans
12 oz veggies (I made mushrooms and onions yesterday which will be added to my leftover chili's green bell peppers and onions)
4 oz orange juice (no sugar added)

12 oz veggies (prob a mix of salsa and celery)
4 oz chips
8 oz milk

Does it seem like I'm being lazy with my food today? Thats because I am. I forgot how much getting back on when you've been off sucks. I really just want to eat some candy and a dr. pepper but i'm being strong! The tired and the headache WILL go away!

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