Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 3?

So coming back from vacation is not fun. Esp when your job is no longer as fun as it once was. And yeah. I am really tired.

Today I haven't eaten b/c I'm not sure I can eat and stay on plan. I know it sounds retarded, but there you have it. I kept myself from getting a cheeseburger today and that was a massive effort. I didn't eat dinner last night b/c I felt really nauseous. I will try to eat dinner tonight. I have all the food at home, I just need to eat it.

So yeah. I am struggling. Mostly b/c I need to re-commit and just suck it up and do it. We'll see how it goes. I am trying to not be in the food but its really really hard today. Which is why I haven't eaten at all.

YOU ARE OVER A MONTH SOBER! Yaaay! Haha. I like using the word Sober in reguards to food.

I think the other reason I'm having problems is b/c I do feel like I've lost a ton of weight and I need to not be okay with where I am now. I know I still have weight to lose! I know! And I know this is about more than the weight - its about being in control of MYSELF. Having selfcontrol is so hard for me, and its something I need to learn how to do before I have kids. And so I need to do this!

Okay, so today, I've eaten nothing. I will eat rice and chicken and veggies tonight, if I feel like I can. If I can't, I'll start tomorrow.

Thanks for being awesome!

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