Thursday, March 10, 2011

Too fat for 15. . . or 23.

So I was watching this show the other day and they said something I really liked:

"Don't let a lapse turn into a re-lapse."

On another note: The new starbucks vanilla creme frappachino icecream? Sugar is the 4th ingredient. JUST SAYIN.

I am ovbs not eating what I should. I see bad things in store for Disney.

I'm also somewhat concered that I have every single symptom listed here:

AHHHH. I am sabotaging myself. But I am oddly okay with it. I have lost 20 pounds and I WILL lose the last 20 I have to lose. I will. And I think the stress of not eating right at Disney stressed me out NOW which consequently led to my poor eating habits the past 2 days. And ya know what? I'm probably not going to eat that great today. Or tomorrow. Or for the next week.

And on Monday I am going to get right back on the horse and start eating right again. I am.  I want to get to 30 days. I really really do. And I am going to. Starting March 21. So April 21 I will have 30 days. Thats the goal. And you will have 60! Thats awesome!

At least I haven't gotten a cheeseburger yet. That in and of itself is a great feat.

This entire deal has made me think of what I'm going to want to do once I get to my goal weight, and its scared me. If I eat ONE thing that I am not supposed to, I kindof go crazy. .. which is kindof bad. Which means maybe I can't eat the way I want to eat once I am down to goal weight (eat program on weekdays and eat what I want (within reason) on weekends).  I dunno. I will have to play it all by ear, I guess.

I just don't know.

Despite all this, I am in a really good mood. Emma is being a good baby (ie sleeping like a champ), I get to go home for a few hours today to hang out with David and get all packed, I finished the cupcake toppers for a friend's son's b-day and I am going to DISNEYWORLD tomorrow!

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