Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sab Day Six

Okay, so I have to go to Walmart today to stock up on Milk and some veg and Yogurt b/c we are OUT. I don't know if we have EVER gone thru an entire gallon of milk (other than like a month in utah where i was drinking like 5 cups a day. . . I just craved milk. It was so odd). and we did this time! Yay for morning smoothies!

Last night I ate too many veggies b/c the wonderful Miguels broght over a party platter of veggies and it was delish and I just couldn't stop. NO REGETS.

I went to a birthday party for a 3 year old this morning, and forgot/didn't have time to eat breafast before I went. I didn't eat any cake which was a feat. I did eat:

2 cheese sticks
1  box of rasins
So that was my breakfast

4 oz chicken
Random leftover veggies from last night

4 oz chicken

I am really tired, so I'm gonna maybe take a nap, then go to walmart, then come home and bake a cake if I have time. I wonder what time you need me. . . . I should probably text you, huh?

David doesn't care if I toot around him.
I am really so close to being done with my Batchelors (and it won't take me TOO long to finish)
My husband works extra hard on Saturdays so that we won't be dirt poor.

Like about myself:
That I have pretty bodacious mucles under all this chub

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