Friday, February 25, 2011

Sab Day 5

Alright, so last night I had a salad at dinner, which was covered in dressing. I should have sent it back, but it was at Studio Movie Grill. I felt pretty gross after and haven't felt very good this morning. I also didn't have enough protien and feel very tired today.

Plan for today:
4 oz fruit
8 oz milk
1 oz dry oatmeal

.75 oz cheese
12 oz soup (I need to get rid of it b/c I'm trying not to keep food here anymore. Long story)
2.5 oz meat (I will have to scrounge for this)
1 clementine (or not. we'll see)

4 oz steak
4 oz potato
12 oz veggies (broccoli and salad)

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