Friday, April 8, 2011

Tracy Day 48

4 oz milk, 4 oz yogurt
4 oz fruit
1 oz dry oats

2 oz Chicken, 1 oz cheese
10 oz sauted veggies, 4 oz cucumber and carrots
1/2 oz oil

3 oz sausage, 1/2 oz cheese
10 oz cooked zucchini and squash and onion, 4 oz spagettie sauce
3 rice cakes
1/2 oz oil

3 things I'm grateful for:
1. That we don't have a dvd player in the car anymore because I get to hear the kids look out the window and say, "I see bluebonnets" "I see purple ones" "I see pink!"
2. That with Earth's calamaties and heartaches around the world, there is still beauty and touchstones of our Father's love for us.
3. That my children are loving. They require a hug and a kiss before bed everynight and every morning before Eddie leaves for work.
4. And an extra because my heart is full of gratitude this morning: that I've woken up early every morning to a quiet house where I can get on my knees have a meaningful prayer. I am NOT a morning person, and I know this is a gift from a loving Heavenly Father.

1 thing I like about myself:
1. I enjoy serving others.
with gods help and my willingness i will have a day of abstinence

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