Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tracy Day 46

2 eggs
3 rice cakes
1 small banana

2 oz ground turkey, 1 oz cheese
9 oz salad, 5 oz sauted bell peppers and onions
1 oz sour cream

2 oz bacon, 1 oz cheese
4 oz potato
9 oz broccoli, 3 oz salsa, 2 oz cucumber
1 oz sour cream

1 reason I like myself:
I'm forgiving

3 things I'm grateful for:
1. That I get to be a mom to my three children and stay home to raise them and teach them and love them.
2. That my own mother stayed home to raise me and left me a legacy of faith and kindness. She truly taught each of us to be kind to everyone and to love and lift those around you. She could walk into a grocery store bathroom and walk out with a new best friend.
3. That my dad reads his scriptures everyday. He is such an example to me of quiet faith that can move mountains. He is my hero and I love him so dearly.

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